#Pincottwedding Kastellorizo

Lauren & Jamie 15/07/2015

On the easternmost edge of Greece floats one of the smallest and prettiest islands of the dodecanese complex, Kastellorizo. It's probably the most quiet and peaceful island you can find in the Mediterranean sea. Kastellorizo is a natural and biological Paradise. 

Kastellorizo is  where Lauren and Jamie held their beautiful wedding, and the first time I flew to this picturesque paradise. That was when I fell in love with the island.

My coworker Despina and I flew there the day before the wedding, note I have never met Lauren before, we only had contact via email.

We dropped off our makeup bags in our beautiful traditional hotel room and headed straight to the beach till the time we couldn't get anymore tan! We swam with extremely big turtles in crystal clear waters! 

It was the white night party and I was going to do a little pre wedding makeup with her. I felt like I knew Lauren forever when we met, she is one of the most beautiful, happy, positive people I ever had the priviledge to work with, she has such a kind soul! 

The day of the wedding we had to start early to make sure we had all the bridesmaids, family and the bride with beautiful flawless makeup on! 

I could tell Lauren is a lot like her mother, Tish loved her makeup so much she nearly made me cry with her kind words! I absolutely love being creative and express myself through makeup.

I want to say a very big Thank you to Lauren and Jamie for having me and trusting me at their wedding. can't wait to go back to this small paradise soon!

Lauren & Tish


The wedding of Matoula and George in the island of Tilos

Tilos is located at the north west of Rhodes Island, surrounded by high and rocky mountains, steep coasts, beaches with transparent waters and caves.

My assistant and I took the ferry on a hot day of June 2014, I don't even remember when was the last time I was in Tilos island, when we arrived I was amazed by the wild beauty and the crystal clear waters.

Around 10 am we made it to our hotel room and went straight to meet the bride in her beautiful beach home! the wedding was in a few hours so we had a few hours to spare for lunch and a quick dive on the beach!

Matoulas wedding party will always be remembered, when everyone's work is done it's time to relax and have a few drinks. The most incredible part is that the wedding party was held in a deserted village up on a mountain viewing the entire island coast! Its called "Mikro Horio", in Greek: The small Village. They say what happens in the mikro horio, stays in the mikro horio haha! 

We stayed up all night till it was time to catch the ferry! Whan an unforgetable wedding, beautiful and kind couple <3

Thank you for the amazing experience Matoula and George! Tilos will always be remembered! Photos by Savvas Argyrou Photography

Tilos wedding Matoula and George